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This page last updated 04/15/2015

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All updates and messages will be posted here As soon as possible.  Please make sure you have read every update on this page.

Final payments are due on or before April 26th. If you are unsure of how much you owe you can email Coach Bobbi at

All players: You must be registered with the OVR under a full membership by the end of this month.  You must upgrade if you only signed up for the temporary membership and make sure you select East Ohio Volleyball Club as your club you belong to.  Print out a copy of your new membership card and bring it to practice. Also, the first $100 must be paid before the first practice in January. You can pay the whole amount at any time from now until the deadline of February 1st. If you have any questions about paperwork or payments see Coach Bobbi or email her at

We are asking all players to keep their gym bags in our equipment room located in the gym.  We have no way to control who comes into the gym during practice, but we will work hard to prevent any theft from happening.

SAFETY ALERT!!!! Please keep fingernails trim to fingertip level for your safety!

If door to YMCA is locked, please call Coach Bart 330-219-1368,  Coach Bobbi 330-883-4717, or Coach Paul 330-219-9068

All Players and Parents: PLEASE do not go anywhere in the YMCA other than the areas we use without a coach.

Please check the website often for updates.  If you miss your scheduled practice time, you can come at one of the other practice times.

NO JEWELRY! Please don't wear any jewelry to practice or tournaments.  Thanks.

All EOVC Players:  Please check the website at least once per week.  Also check the tournament page before you go to your tournament.  Each one of the links to the tournaments takes you to the OVR webpage with information about that tournament.  You can see where we are in the pool play and what time the doors open.  Try to be there at least 15 minutes before the coach's meeting.  Thank you!

We will be practicing at the YMCA in Warren

Please click the above link for directions to the gym.  We are very happy to have our group going to this facility.


PRACTICE ON YOUR OWN:  With only one practice a week, everyone needs to practice on their own.  You can do popcorn, wall bangers, down balls, serving, passing and overhead setting.  Everyone needs to touch the ball as many times as you can on your own.  This will make you better than the other players you play against.  -- Coach Bart.

If you think you will not be at a tournament, and you have not contacted us, please let us know as soon as possible.  We will do the best we can to accommodate everyone.  If you have any questions you can email Coach Bart or Coach Bobbi.  Thanks!

Attendance Procedure for Bad/Severe Weather

The East Ohio Volleyball Club, does not usually cancel practice.  Always assume that practice is still on, unless you receive a personal line of communication from Coach Bart or your team coach.  Coach Bart will always be at the gym ready to practice unless he feels the roads are unsafe for everyone to travel.  If you feel that the weather is bad in your area, then it is your right NOT to come.  You must make that judgment.  Every player comes from a different area of Ohio and we all know that the weather can be worse in certain areas.  You make the decision whether or not you are able to make it to practice in bad weather.  If you feel it is not safe for you to go out, please call Coach Bart at 330-219-1368 or Coach Bobbi at 330-883-4717.

Home Practice Schedule Tournaments Info & Updates Registration Coaches Clinics Contact Info and Links PLATOONING Angle Sets